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Stop, Think, and Connect - trxc ™ WorldNews - Content, Online Shopping, Hot-Links ? and IT Support. Where the impossible happens ! Find everything in one place. Right Here. Right Now ! We provide several areas of focus with world-wide content delivery in 80 languages, 1. Online Shopping, 2.Hot-Links ? to Services, 3.Access to Professionals, and 4. IT Support, 5. Live Video and Chat, 6. Worldwide - News, 7. Free Tools and Resources. Free IT Suport and Computer Repair. This site is a source from which you can access major links, major content and get major support. We have developed this site with a view to supplying you with exactly what you would look for, expect and use daily, when browsing and in doing so increase your productivity as you will find it all here all in one place. Professional resources for everyone. Solid Solutions. We make things Fit ! With over 27 years in IT experience. Our online shopping Menu provides access to major national and international online shopping web sites we are all familiar with along with a few other not so familiar but sufficiently large and competitive to offer a nice balance. Our shopping section includes Microsoft, Fujitsu, Kobo, Amazon, Ebay, Tiger Direct, Deal Dash - Auctions and Bidding for great deals, iPhone Accessories, Apple iPhone Store, Sony, Smartphone Sales, Anti-Virus, General Merchandising, MacGames,Family Games, Pet-Meds and access to over 60,000 products world-wide with free and insured shipping. Our trxc Hot-Links ? provides direct access to the most commonly accessed services you will use on a day to day basis. They include national, international and local access to: Restaurant Booking,, Ebay, Youtube, Angie's List, MeetUpMom, Hotel Booking, Travel Agency, Restaurant Reviews, up to date news from CNN, Reuters, AP, Wikipedia, Weather, Smartphone Apps, Video on Demand, Fast Food Ordering and Catering, Kijiji, Craigslist, eHarmony, Romantic Dating Services, Couriers, and Transportation. Also see our LiVe TV Menu where we stream free Live Video from over 3,000 TV stations world - wide and our Video Feed Menu where we provide access hundreds of issue specific free Video Feeds. The professionals menu is divided into America, Europe and Asia, in this section you will find direct links to the top National, International and local Employment Agencies, Law Firms, Insurance Agencies, Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Advisers, Stock Brokers, Banks, Online Stock Brokers, Accountants, Appraisers, Doctors, Dentists, Financial News Commentary updated both daily and Archived from the worlds most renowned CEO's and Investors of the top 25. See our Video-Chat Menu where you can use the tools, our site or software, we offer to communicate with these professionals, contact them, or even set up a video conference in private or by group. We also offer video conferencing, within your company, between companies, privately, by invitation both nationally and internationally. We are a "Content Provider" a tool to be used again and again and as such we will continue to grow our base of services and our client base as well. Our goal is to provide you the user, whether you are just one person or a large group, with access to the most frequently used and leading edge services, tools, technology and software that are used on a day to day basis to offer you the best use in your internet experience eliminating the clutter and confusion and by offering these services from one jump point hosted world-wide. While the web is an exciting place to browse we decided to build this site to make life easier by cutting to the chase offering you a single point from which you can access daily needs so you can get on with the things that you do. This concept has been brewing for 37 years and despite the detractors, over that time we were inspired: "if you build it they would come."