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Ads can purchased, uploaded, edited, online on any page with a full range of sizes, types, and payment options.

For special requests or to change the ad location, placement, size or style on any page email the
Webmaster or contact your Affiliate Associate

Want to register and become an Affiliate visit out Affiliate Page

Terms: 30, 60, 90, 180, or 365 days. Paypal Secure Payment. Invoice or Credit Card.
IAB Standard Sizes for gif, jpg, jpeg, png, and swf and MP4 - Video's. Fully Mobile friendly.

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Display Advertising - We follow the The IAB Standard

Display Advertising and Our Business Model

Display Advertising and Our Business Model

1. IAB Display Standard Ad Unit Portfolio.

2. Over 80 percent of display ads sold have followed IAB Standards.

3. The IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) link

4. We offer flat rate rates for 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, and 365 days.

5. The average cost per display ads is based upon a rate known as eCPM.

6. eCPM represents the value of $1.48 per 1,000 ad views as a result our flat rates are a bargain.

7. The details of ecpm rates in 2016 link

8. Ads can be purchase monthly, quarterly, biannually or on various terms with incentive discounts for term and cross country purchases.

9. We are setup so that ads, terms, sizes, in formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG, SWF, and MP4 (video's) can be purchased, online with automatic flow, through secure socket layer security (SSL) along with renewals and tracking available to the customer.

10. This web site currently has over 500 ads across the main website and the mobile version. And additional ads can be included.

11. The website has been designed to allow very easy and quick updates and editing changes using a drag and drop format. This substantially reduced formatting difficulties.

12. Substantial attention has also been paid to SEO.

A. The ad units are synergistic across 7 countries and across 12 sector categories such as automotive, real estate, accounting, mortgage brokers, insurance, banks, and lawyers. As a result, on the business side cycle the user can actively directly search and contact their choice in each category and actively substantially setup and complete a transaction in real time. This procedure is also supported by video such as skype or group skype.

B. On the consumer side we also offer substantial access to consumer information across 7 countries, which include, the access to the 12 sector categories as well as online shopping, banking, virtual brokers, accounting, law, pharmacy, physician consultation, financial news, news aggregation in alternative media and mainstream media, travel bookings etc.

C. In addition our Link World page provides direct access to 95% of what a typical user accesses on a daily basis, with access to all major external search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, Facebook and Twitter.

D. As as a result we we provide and have what you need and need what we have. Consider the cost benefit analysis on a daily basis If we save you just 1 hour of search time per day extrapolate the value to your company if you have 100,000 employees. The 12 sectors across 7 countries represent over 10 potential million users (daily)

The Website Purpose. While we are a Newsmagazine and a content aggregator we provided both business and the consumer access to 95% of the services and resources used daily in 7 countries across dozens of highly synergistic categories.

We are "A Web Portal." Consider if you or your employees saved just 1 hour (or more) in daily searching and working the substantial cost benefits that could accrue. The more employees you have the greater the savings and productivity.

Visit our Link World page

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