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If you registered as an Affiliate your Affiliate Reference is your User Name and Email Address and we have your id number stored in our system and you would have received an email from us confirming that you are an Affiliate. If you cannot find the email in your Inbox look in the junk folder or hit the forgot password / resend button.

Instructions: Please confirm your acceptance as an Affiliate by sending us an email, this will assist us in maintaining some reasonable degree of control in not having Affiliates competing against each other for the same advertising customers. Email us at: [email protected]

Please read the material in the Affiliates Section to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

When completing a sale make sure you print out or have your client print out a invoice form and attach that and any relevant material and email it to us. You will be paid in accordance with the Terms of Service described in the Terms and Agreement which you acknowledge hereby to have read or will read before selling our products.

If you or the client have any questions or require specific ads or videos as listed in the IAB - Internet Advertising Bureau layout please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

Of course we will work to assist you particularly when it comes to special advertising orders, special sizes, ad positioning within our website etc. The IAB Internet Advertising Bureau format is by far the most accepted format. We have included a reference to the ad sizes a video here. Keep in mind co-op advertising combined with advertising is a powerful formulae.

We follow the The IAB - Internet Advertising Bureau Standard

IAB - Internet Advertising Bureau

IAB - Internet Advertising Bureau

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