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A Brief Description of the vmtv.co Website

The website theme is presented in a familiar "Newspaper" format, with news, editorial, entertainment, sports, weather, classifieds, and more, as a result we have combined a newspaper, television and the internet into one interactive format.

Users of this website have a choice from communication by email, Skype Audio/Video,
Phone, Mobile Smartphone, Tablet or Large Flat Screen. Text is translatable into over 50 languages.

The use of this website is FREE and it has been online for 4 years. Advertising pays for its maintenance. There are no subscription fees.
Updates to the services provided are ongoing. We add features every day. This is to keep our customers happy and advertise with us.
We have no conflicts of interest unless as otherwise expressly stated within this website, in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

1. The Website Purpose. We are a content aggregator and we provided both business and the consumer access to 95% of the services and resources used daily in 7 countries across dozens of highly synergistic categories, with strong local, regional, national and international reach.

2. Consumer Benefits: As a "Web Portal" consider the advantages of finding everything in one place. Where your searches are not frustrating and your productivity increases. Your time is worth money. Calculate the savings if we just saved you 1 hour (or more) in daily searching and working what the cost benefits mean to you.

3. Corporate Benefits: vmtv.co is a "Web Portal"If you are a corporation, for example, a corporation as listed in our 7 pages representing 7 countries, consider the cumulative savings per employee if they each use our site and save 1 hour or more per day.

4. Synergistic Benefits: We provide direct interactive access to the following sectors, including but not limited to: Government, and the top level local, regional, and international players in: Employment, Law, Insurance, Real Estate, Mortgage Brokers, Banks, Financial Institutions, Stock Brokers, Accountants, Appraisers, Professionals, Retailers, Automotive.

5. We combine synergy and access to scaled resources increasing your productivity and saving you money and frustration. We are also platform and browser friendly accessible on Desktops, Mobile Smartphones and Large Screen TV and Android devices.

6. In addition to the seven countries we serve you will discover substantial other resources in this website, including but not limited to: access to news, video, live agents, tools, free IT tech support, free online training including Microsoft Office, and products. From beginner to advanced, and much more.

Have a look at our Link World page

How to Use this Website Effectively

This website is designed to be used by both consumers, professionals and corporations from small, to large to international. Perhaps the easiest way to describe this website is by analogy. This analogy is not by any means a complete explanation of everything we provide and we apologize if it appears a little clumsy in it's description, but you will get the idea.


As a consumer:

1. From this website you can, search for an "item" such as car, real estate, a product or service.

2. Lets assume you find your item and it is a car. (We support all major manufacturers) You can review it, read the specs, test drive it virtually, get a genuine quote, place an hold order on the item.

3. Next you can contact one of the listed insurance companies and provide the model, VIN, and particulars and get a competitive quote.

4. With that information you can contact your bank or finance company and negotiate a line of credit, providing all the details.

5. Once this is done you can either execute the deal and have the item delivered or go and pick it up at your nearest dealership.

6. Now suppose you ran into a problem such you needed a credit check or resolve an issue such as your driver's license has a demerit that needs adjusting, we have got you covered there too. Do it online with us.

7. So lets say you took delivery of the car, or you rented a cab or limousine and you decided you wanted to get to the airport in time to take the flight you booked online from our site to travel to the destination and hotel you booked online through us and a competitive travel agency we list but you forgot to order lunch and have some packages to send out by FedEx or UPS, we've got that covered too.

As a Corporation:

1. From this website you can, search for an "item" such as car, real estate, a product or service, locally, nationally or internationally.

2. Lets presume that the item includes all 4, four items and lets presume your staff does these tasks every day, week, month etc.

3. Depending on the requirement these tasks can be performed by you, delegated to one staff member, to a team member or to groups of employees who can either interact with each other or each others department internally and they can act in a highly productive manner as they will all have access to the same tools at this website.

4. Accordingly, most if not all of the top 100 companies specifically listed in this website already have some sort of relationship as between each other, however, what we offer here are the tools through which you can contact and maintain contact between all parties across all platforms and save a lot of time, effort and money in doing so.

5. Consider the number of employees you have. If they use the free tools offered in this website and the usage thereof saves them just 1 hour per day in many cases that would more than pay for an advertising spot in this website. Of course, the use of the website does not require the purchase of an advertisement.

6. Whether it be a sponsor listing in one of the 7 country pages: Canada, USA, Europe, Japan, China, Russia, or India or as a rotating leaderboard 728px X 90px banner (at this time only 20 slots are available on each page), or on any of the pages, or in the sidebar as a Medium Rectangle 300px X 250px, or a Wide Skyscraper 160px X 600px you get a tax deductible advertisement, and we are available to go even further and provide you with prepaid (at our expense) additional short training videos and PowerPoint presentations to assist your staff beyond the tutorials on the website.

The Website as a Consumer Product

1. As you can see the website acts as a "Web Portal"providing both consumers and corporations with products and services.

2. There are several other aspects of the website that also make it very unique. In particular the Research (Int'l Org. page), News, Weather, TV/Movies and Tools, such pages provide all users with a needs fulfillment experience at no cost. As a result, the website is visited for many reasons and provides multiple uses and services.

3. The concept for this website is based upon the knowledge and experience of it's founder who in 1971 entered into the computing field as a subscriber to a database called The Source EDP which provided "Web portal" type services to a customer base of 20 thousand users. The Source EDP eventually became AOL (America Online Inc.) and The Source EDP concept as a "Web Portal" was all but lost in the clutter and clamor as various search engines fought through the early nineties with Google gaining supremacy in or about 2004.

4. While Search Engines such as: Magellan, Excite, Infoseek, Inktomi, Northern Light, AltaVista and Yahoo! were among the most popular ways for people to find web pages of interest, in vying for position the actual ability of the end user to actually find relevant results suffered greatly and many frustrated users spent hours of wasted time and money only to be served up not exactly what they were looking for. Hence the return of the "Web Portal" vmtv.co fulfills it's roll and then some.

5. vmtv.co is hosted on multiple redundancy fault servers in the USA on major fiber optic backbones and which maintains a 99% up time since 1997.

6. vmtv.co is distributed through 33 international points of presence servers which provides further redundancy for fail over as each of the 33 nodes has static copies of the vmtv.co which it delivers to local users thus increasing the response time and virtually eliminating downtime and providing extremely high security.

If you have any questions feel free to: Email us at: [email protected]

Best Regards,

Webmaster, Bob


The Statistical History of vmtv.co

16,000 Pages indexed at vmtv.co by Google - April 2017.

162,000 pages indexed by Google as relative link content available within 3 mouse clicks at vmtv.co representing 95% of user daily content searches.

vmtv.co provides instant access with display buttons that open in a separate tab to all major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Baidu and the top 32 websites visited all on one page - Link World

33 international web servers with points of presence in major cities worldwide deliver vmtv.co website content. This feature accomplishes several things, including, Geo-targeting of advertisements, security and faster page delivery times to then end user.

Google, Bing, Baidu, Facebook and Twitter buttons are also available on each internal vmtv.co page. As a result, you have access to the complete internet from the vmtv.co "web portal"

Historical Google Indexed Pages.

Google indexed pages - December 05, 2014 - 48,300.

Alexa Rank 339,917 - August 22, 2014

Google indexed pages - December 05, 2014 - 50,200.

Alexa Rank 558,835 - December 05, 2014

The Alexa Rank by definition and comparison was reasonable at the time.

Initial Model Testing

Initial design, development and testing - 1 year - April 4, 2013 - April 4, 2014.

645,946 MB - Typical monthly bandwidth usage (05/30/2014 - 6/30/2014)

1MB - Average page size loaded during testing

645,946 Page Views per Month. 645,946MB per month divided by 1MB per page delivered.

Page Speed Scores (Based on both Desktop and Mobile)

1 second - Front Splash Page load speed.

1.3 seconds - Home Page Index load speed.

1-2 seconds - Average internal content page load.

.02 seconds - Average external search engine (Google, Bing, Baidu) to content page load .02 seconds from inside vmtv.co

Page Load Times - Learning Curve, Content Delivery, Request Fulfillment.

Website navigation difficulty level - 5th grader education.

3 - 5 minutes - Minimum learning curve to use daily features 95% of activity.

1-2 hours - Maximum learning curve (using advanced features 99.9% of the internet)

10 seconds - To minimum content delivery fulfillment from first visit to landing page to content as a result of navigation not page load speeds.

16,000 pages in 3 mouse clicks - to Relative Top Level Content Reach (Category)

160,000 pages 6 mouse clicks - to Relative Content Reach (Subject)

2 mouse clicks - to full instant access to Search Engines (Google, Bing, Baidu) and the internet from any website page.

Suggested Cost benefit Analysis


1 hour saved "surfing" per user per day.

$10. average wage per hour per user per day.

Using a CPM of 1,000 users x $10. in wages = $10,000. in savings per day.

vmtv.co hosts the top 100 corporations in the world across 7 countries with a presence locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

The Top 100 companies employ millions of potential vmtv.co users.

On a company basis the daily usage in savings would likely far exceed the cost purchasing advertising on our website vmtv.co For further information follow the advertising links below.

Co-cooperatively vmtv.co is uniquely positioned to provide support its advertisers with effective video and PowerPoint materials which can be rolled out to potential users, employees in a wide spectrum or on a issue specific basis.

Training videos and multimedia length run from 5 - 10 minutes (Fast Start) which covers 95% of daily usage to 20-30 minutes (AISU - Advanced Issue Specific Usage)

IAB - Internet Advertising Bureau

Display Advertising - We follow the The IAB Standard

Display Advertising and Our Business Model

Display Advertising and Our Business Model

1. IAB Display Standard Ad Unit Portfolio.

2. Over 80 percent of display ads sold have followed IAB Standards.

3. The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) link

4. We offer flat rate rates for 90, 180, and 365 days.

5. The average cost per display ads is based upon a rate known as eCPM.

6. eCPM represents the value of $1.48 per 1,000 ad views as a result our flat rates are a bargain.

7. The details of ecpm rates in 2016 link

8. Ads can be purchase monthly, quarterly, biannually or on various terms with incentive discounts for term and cross country purchases.

9. We are setup so that ads, terms, sizes, in formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG, SWF, and MP4 (video's) can be purchased, online with automatic flow, through secure socket layer security (SSL) along with renewals and tracking available to the customer.

10. This web site currently has over 500 ads across the main website and the mobile version. And additional ads can be included.

11. The website has been designed to allow very easy and quick updates and editing changes using a drag and drop format. This substantially reduced formatting difficulties.

12. Substantial attention has also been paid to SEO.

A. The ad units are synergistic across 7 countries and across 12 sector categories such as automotive, real estate, accounting, mortgage brokers, insurance, banks, and lawyers. As a result, on the business side cycle the user can actively directly search and contact their choice in each category and actively substantially setup and complete a transaction in real time. This procedure is also supported by video such as skype or group skype.

B. On the consumer side we also offer substantial access to consumer information across 7 countries, which include, the access to the 12 sector categories as well as online shopping, banking, virtual brokers, accounting, law, pharmacy, physician consultation, financial news, news aggregation in alternative media and mainstream media, travel bookings etc.

C. In addition our Link World page provides direct access to 95% of what a typical user accesses on a daily basis, with access to all major external search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, Facebook and Twitter.

D. As as a result we we provide and have what you need and need what we have. Consider the cost benefit analysis on a daily basis If we save you just 1 hour of search time per day extrapolate the value to your company if you have 100,000 employees. The 12 sectors across 7 countries represent over 10 potential million users (daily)

Instructions: For specific ad placement and location,
size or style on the page email the Webmaster or Contact your Affiliate.

Terms: 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, or 365 days. Paypal Secure Payment.
IAB Standard Sizes for gif, jpg, jpeg, png, and swf, MP4, video

See our Advertising Page for IAB Sizes and Options

To become an Affiliate visit our Affiliate Page

vmtv.co is administered by the Pat Canie Trust and it's assigns.

Free Tutorials

1. Free Computer Basics, Computer Skills, Mouse Tutorial, Typing.

2. Free Microsoft Computer Tutorials for Beginner and Senior Users.

Introduction.The business of Information Technology training has changed unquestionably more than any other service related industry over the last five years. Go ahead and use the free tutorials online.


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