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IT Support. We service all versions of Windows.
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Very, very reasonable costs. We take pride in our work and word of mouth says it all.  We value your opinion and referrals are important. " The Computer Doctor " has 27 years of experience. New customers are handled by " The Computer Doctor " personally. Is your computer running slow ? Are "popups" annoying you ? Or are strange things happening ? Do you wait what seems forever for a program to run ? Are you worried about security ? Is something not running right ? Server problems ? Is your computer is getting slower since you first purchased it ? We can help ! We have a 99% accuracy rate. Free Diagnosis.

Do you have Network, LAN or Wi-Fi problems. Do you have virus Trojan or Malware problems ? Or just want to upgrade your system without having to pay a fortune ? Whatever your problem: call 647- 768-7760 and ask to speak with one of our Computer Technicians or ask for "The Computer Doctor" personally. Do you have Virus, Trojan, Spyware or Malware problems ? Our Hourly price $49. with a 1 year warranty on work performed.* We also do "Flat Rate" contract work. See below or call today: 647-768-7760. On-Site, Intake and Remote Service Help and Repair. We offer and provided complete effective solutions to your problems. Antivirus Consultation.

Toronto Computer Repair Technicians and Consultants (TM) serve Toronto and the GTA with "Computer Repair" Help and Support ! We are not a "big box" or "faceless chain store" We are personal and provide quick very low cost Help and "IT Support" - with a 1 year warranty, for the Consumer, Individuals, Professionals, Corporations, Academia and Government. We do offer FREE consultation just call us. Which means there will be no charge if you call and we can resolve a relatively simple issue over the phone. Referrals are important to us. We provide On-Site, Off-Site, and Remote Service and Support, 24/7 - as well as "Emergency Services" * or you can bring us your unit. Computer tech support, computer repair and support. We accept cash and cheques for regular work and most major credit card. Terms and Contract Work as well as Maintenance Plans are also available. *

Call (647) 768-7760 and speak with a Computer Technician or ask to speak with "The Computer Doctor" personally. New Clients please call between the hours of 10 AM and 8 PM EST. Work is done On-Site at your place or at Our Location and includes: Desktop, Laptop, hardware and software, Repair and Support, without "Geekspeak" and in simple English. For least cost, hours or details of work performed and information on the price and benefits of us working on more than one unit at a time see below. Once the work is complete we provide you with a completed "Work Order" which describes the work in detail for future reference and confirmation of the 1 year warranty on the work performed.

Repair and Support

Our Philosophy: Tuning up a PC so that it is blazingly fast could almost be considered an art form. It is a balancing act between what a tech support staff knows is best and what the customer is used to seeing on their desktop. A fast and clean PC makes for a much more pleasurable user experience and will save you dollars, time, headaches and it is good preventive medicine. We provide a 1 year limited warranty on all work that we do. We are experts providing service for all makes and models of desktop and laptops running XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems as well as Servers, LAN, intranet and Wifi support. We also specialize in PC to Mobile to PC integration.  We provide:  " Quality, Quantifiable and Dependable Services ! " We are not just Computer Technicians, we understand business and can tailor solutions to meet your existing or growing needs. Whatever the solution we will not try to oversell you. Our diagnostics tools quickly identify exactly the problem and hence the proper choice of solutions to choose from. We provide cost effective "computer tech support" in all types of Toronto weather.

Consider the following: If you use your computer 1 hour per day and we double its speed through our speedup, repair and service techniques your costs will more than pay for themselves in the first week of usage. Additionally, as in most cases, you do not have to upgrade your hardware to get that extra speed. " We bring old machines back to life ! " Call us today at: 647-768-7760 and ask to speak with a Computer Technician or ask for "The Computer Doctor" personally.

Call us First !

For help call us at: 647-768-7760 to speak with "Technical Support"
or ask for " The Computer Doctor. "
Services  Toronto Computer Bronze Plan
 Toronto Computer Silver Plan
Toronto Computer Gold Plan

Including but not limited to:

1. Diagnostics.
2. PC repair, hardware and software solutions.
3. Network and WI-FI and Firewall configuration.
4. Router repair and configuration.
5. Virus, Trojan, Malware and Spyware removal.
6. System security enhancements.
7. Free antivirus software.
8. Resolving startup and boot problems.
9. Printer installation and issues.
10. Computer Tune Up and Speedup.
11. Service Pack upgrades from Microsoft.
12. Driver repair and upgrades.
13. Reinstalling a fresh Operating System.
14. Improving Internet for faster online speed.
15. Sound card problems.
16. Operating System upgrades.
17. Data Recovery.
18. Data backup.
19. Server repair.
20. IT Consultations.
21. Video and Audio Conferencing.
22. Cross platform integration, PC to Mobile to PC.
23. Windows and Android connectivity.
24. and more ...

You don't have to live with a slow performing computer, problem software, or devices that you do not know how to install or use.

The Bronze Package was designed to give computer users a safe, secure, and inexpensive option to the everyday problems of owning a PC.

Computer tune-up's or new system set-up or adding peripherals to an existing system has never been easier.

We have experts trained to troubleshoot your issues and provide computer repair solutions quickly and professionally. We provide complete problem solving and full support.

Looking for a reputable computer repair service call us.

(2 Hours Work *)

A professional repair service is much more vital to us than ever before.

As people use computers at work or at home everyday, a majority of computer problems are because of irregular maintenance.

These common problems are included media devices errors, DVD drives or hard drives malfunction, or even some types of disk corruption.

The Silver Package is designed with business and corporate solutions in mind. Our are experts are trained in multiple disciplines.

We can quickly fix your computer problems in a perfect way.

(3 Hours Work *)

The Gold Package does more than offer computer repair, support, and virus removal at anytime, it provides peace of mind.

Computer system issues can pop up unexpectedly. With the Gold Package you provide yourself with a buffer against untimely and costly computer repairs, support, and virus removals.

Providing unlimited access to the Bronze and Silver fix packages for up to one full year, the Gold Package goes a step farther.

In addition, you get excellent service with the best response times in the industry.

Call our technical support and ask for "The Computer Doctor."

Phone: 647-768-7760
Skype address: torontotech
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When you install the software make sure you click "Show Advanced  Settings" and install for "Personal/Non-Commercial Use." Once installed you can call us, and provide one of our technicians with the secret random privacy code.

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Terms, Conditions, Notes and Q/A:

We are not an affiliate, organization, establishment, or subsidiary of the companies listed on this website, including but not limited to Microsoft, Google, Xerox, Sharp, NEC, Cisco, Axway, Core Security, Skype, Teamviewer, Windows Mobile or Windows.

Our primary focus service area is Toronto unless of course you bring your unit to us from the GTA or we visit you in the GTA. * We value our customer's opinion and know referrals are important. Our service plans described as Bronze, Silver and Gold are well thoughtout and as you can see from the respective list of services offered they are quite comprehensive and are a good representation of what you can expect to pay for the services we provide. We offer full "computer repair and support" services.

The following issues are expressed as a matter of clarifying or attempting to answer any questions you may have. While they are specific, somewhat lengthy and detailed please do not feel we will nickel and dime you or bill you in unforeseen expenses.

If a service task becomes more complex or very complex requiring important changes we will discuss or contact you and explain the issue clearly before proceeding and we will not do so without your express approval.  We take pride in our work and most importantly we deliver.
" Big or Small we do them All and Treat Every Customer with Equal Respect ! "


Our past and present client base includes, servicing units from single personal laptops and desktops to servicing units and multiple systems for both industry, governments, professionals, and academia; from students to lawyers, judges, to Consulates and major corporations we've done it and do it all. Obviously we do not provide anyone with a list of past or present clients in the interest of maintaining security and privacy. All work is strictly confidential and we do not catalogue nor make value judgments on the information contained on the customers hard drive(s). All client contact information is kept encrypted and off line. For additional security all information and password access to client file data is available on a "need to know basis" only and is access is compartmentalized.

Questions and Answers (FAQ):

Q/A Issue 1: Repairing the Operating System and General Service. Recovering an existing Operating System or data from a seemingly dead or unresponsive drive with minimal data and program losses is quite technical. While the explanation is also quite technical we won't bore you with the details except to say that we are experts at doing this and that we have "the latest software and tools"to diagnose, service, speedup, optimize or repair your computer and systems.

Q/A Issue 2: Remote Access Service and Support.
In addition to On-Site and Technical Services provided at our location we offer Remote Access Service through a completely secure Virtual Private Network ("VPN") whereby the customer client software provided produces one time usage passwords which are generated renewed and changed automatically on your end on each Service Session Occasion when you ask for assistance. The passcode is generated and known only to you which you provide to us on and allows us to support you remotely to effect repairs, support and service. A substantial number of issues can be quickly handled in this manner.

Q/A Issue 3: Multiple Unit Support and Additional Hours. * For multiple units serviced at the same time or single unit service choose the best plan that you feel suits your needs. Review the features above and choose from either the: Bronze, Silver or the Gold plan then give us a call at 647-768-7760 and ask to speak with a Computer Technician or ask for "The Computer Doctor" personally.  For service beyond a plan we charge an extra $49.00 extra per hour for each additional unit hour or for multiple units as the case may be. The benefit of choosing the right plan and having us work on several units at the same time is that the cost of $49.00 per additional hour is spread across the repair latency time that a computer takes while it processes each repair instruction.

Let's say that in English.
For example, if we are working on 4 computers simultaneously we can start the work on computer 1 then while the programs are running fixing computer number 1 and it is being repaired, serviced or sped up, we let that run and begin a similar job ("task") on computers number 2, 3, and 4 and so on... The result is that once we get to computer 4 computer 1 is ready for the next task to be performed. That means your costs are substantially lower per unit cost since the additional $49.00 per hour is spread across or divided by the number of units serviced simultaneously.

Q/A Issue 4: Hardware Purchases. Computer Services may also include hardware repair and may occasionally require the purchase of such items as a new sound card, router, cables, additional RAM or a hard drive or sometimes a albeit very rarely a motherboard. If you are asking for an upgrade beyond the software services described as the case may be, we source locally and get the best possible price and supply an original invoice from the supplier. We do not charge or markup the cost of the hardware purchased. We do however charge for the time to install it and ensure it is functioning to specification. Most hardware comes with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

Q/A Issue 5: Badly Damaged Hard Drives. In the event of a badly damaged or a failed hard drive or other type of media failures such as failed servers, Raid Arrays, etc... our highly skilled and trained technicians work hard to recover as much of your data, such as documents, pictures, email (MS Outlook) spreadsheets, and virtually all kinds of data located on the hard drive, as long as the hard drive platters or heads are not "completely compromised" which is very rare and means recovery is not possible to effect data recovery at our facilities or prices.  Accordingly, we have the tools that work as hard they possibly can to recover lost data, even if you erased, formatted, reformatted or the drive just "appears to be dead". Note: If you erased, deleted or reformatted the hard drive do not use it and call us immediately. Further use may overwrite the existing data that is still resident on the disk but temporarily not visible to you. Do not make it worse by using the system.

Q/A Issue 6: Data Recovery. Data Recovery is not the same as System Service, Repair, or Optimization. We use very efficient recovery techniques at an affordable data recovery price compared to most data recovery companies. Our service is offered to businesses and residential end users. Although we cannot guarantee the recovery of all data, as each case is unique based on our track record a substantial amount is data is usually recoverable in the majority of cases. We understand trouble, problems and provide solutions.

If a situation occurs that requires us to make a decision where data will be lost as occasionally happens we will call you for example when we are doing the data retrieval from a compromised hard drive and explain the issues and the impact of your decision before we proceed further. Sometimes, due to the volume of data to be recovered, additional time and expense are required, before we proceed we will call you for your approval and clearly explain the issues. In any event there will be no "hidden fees."

Q/A Issue 7: Non bootable systems. Yes that is a common problem and we fix such issues often.

Q/A Issue 8: Blue Screen and Error Codes. The "Blue Screen" sometimes referred to as the Blue Screen of Death ("BSOD") by some experienced users can be fixed and requires technical skills as provided by us. If you encounter a BSOD write down the error code shut off the system and call us. The error codes will help us resolve the problem. Even if you don't, can't or didn't write down the error code do not worry we can get the information about the error(s) from the system logs by using our technical service software.

Q/A Issue 9:  Existing software and programs. It is a good idea to try to locate any software programs, disks or manuals and have them available. If you don't have a copy of an existing Operating System don't worry we do.

Q/A Issue 10: Appointments and Bookings. New prospective clients please call between the hours of 10 AM and 8 PM EST. While we try to offer and often do offer same day service some customers, particularly those who can, will leave their unit with us overnight or over a weekend.

Q/A Issue 11: On-Site Service.  Service at your location is generally booked for the next day at 9 AM or 2 PM or on a future day at your convenience. On-Site service calls between 9 PM and 6 AM are surcharged by 25% depending on your status as our customer or the distance travelled outside Toronto (in the GTA) and the plan chosen. Special "Emergency Service" is always available. Call us for a quote.

Q/A Issue 12: Long Term and Flat Term Contracts. We can quote you a flat monthly rate for a specific number of service hours whereby which the monthly payment acrues to the accumulation of future service hours prepaid. The advantages also include regular available maintenance at your convenience and "Emergency Service" on a priority basis. Flat term or bulk contracts refer to the service, optimization and repair of multiple units for a flat or negotiable fee. Call us for a FREE analysis and quote.

Q/A Issue 13:
Travel Time.
We do not charge for travel time in Toronto unless it is between the hours of 9 PM and 6 AM or in the event that we travel outside Toronto anytime to service a client locate in the greater GTA. In such an event we are more flexible if the customer has chosen the Silver or Gold service plan. Travel costs outside the Toronto area to customers located in the greater GTA are reasonable and they are commensurate and consistent with the distance and time required to travel as measured from Bay and King Street, Toronto to the customer location.

Q/A Issue 14: Categories. We provide services and support for Individuals and Professionals and specialized support in the following categories: Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Accountants, Business, Corporations, Administrators, IT Specialists, Academia, Government, Industry, sports enthusiasts, baseball, hockey, soccer and football fans, entertainment, music, automotive including: Honda, Hyundai, Toyota and Ford.

We look forward to servicing your system. Give us a call for further information and have a great day !

The Computer Doctor,
Sr. Computer Consultant and Engineer.

Head of the:

Canadian Flag Toronto Computer Consultants  

Phone:   647-768-7760
Skype: torontotech

Address: 20 Eglinton Ave., E., Toronto, Ontario, M4P 1A9

Above Industry Standard

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